Ethiopian Coffee

Coffee Arabica, the only type of coffee grows in Ethiopia and Ethiopia produces varieties of coffee that have rich original flavors and exports coffee of different types and grades. Recently, Ethiopia has been exporting several specialty coffee types, such as, Sidama, Guji, Djimmma, Lekemti, Harrar, Yirgacheffe, Limmu, Teppi, Ghimbi, Keffa forest, Gemadro, Bebeka, Godere, Bench Maji, Bale, Anderacha, Zege, Amaro, Arsi, Kochere, Ayu, Gura Ferda, Shegitu, Wellega, Geisha, Gera, Yeki, and many more. Ethiopian coffee is highly valued by consumers in a range of coffee importing countries. Ethiopia exports its Arabica Coffee to Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Middle East and other parts of the world.